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Buddy Walk for Down syndrome

My baby cousin, Sadie, has Down syndrome. We support her in many ways. One of those ways is by taking part in the Buddy Walk. This walk was held in Central Park. People from all over the world came to this event. Before the walk, everybody gets shirts and lunch. You get to take part in many games, face painting and even fun manicures. It helps everyone forget their differences and have fun.

The walk takes you the distance of a mile around Central Park. People walk with their families and loved ones who are affected by Down syndrome. My family wore special visors that said "Steps For Sadie" to show that we were walking as a team to support my cousin. Sadie wore a crown that said "Princess Sadie." Walking together as a family felt inspiring. It felt inspiring to me because I never thought I would know anyone with Down syndrome and now I am walking to help support my little cousin. After the walk, we received many cheers from enthusiastic volunteers.

My mission is to raise awareness about children and adults with Down syndrome. We all are the same. People come in different shapes and sizes but we all have feelings and want to be accepted. We can make a difference. For information about Buddy Walks visit:

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