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Dad built a boat, and I helped

Kidsday reporter Carly Fromm with her dad, Brian,

Kidsday reporter Carly Fromm with her dad, Brian, on their new boat. Credit: Fromm family

Two years ago, around this time, my dad decided to build a boat. He had a blueprint of plans that he brought up to Maine where they began work and built the structure of the boat.

After the outer part was built, we brought it back to Montauk. Once it was in Montauk, my dad placed a white tent over the top as it was put up on tall stilts. He started to paint the outside white, and on the inside he started building the bunk beds to make it like a home. He needed electricians to come in too, to help set up the electricity.

The most fun part of this process was being able to help my dad. I helped him organize the tools, set up the boat when it was finished, and get it ready for the summer fishing season. It’s cool to stay on the boat in the summer in Montauk!

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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