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Build or Boom is a fun new strategy game

Kidsday reporters play Build or Boom: from left,

Kidsday reporters play Build or Boom: from left, Nicole Pappas, Kaitlyn Neu, Anthony LaSala and Jessica Kerrane Credit: Colleen Topping

Build or Boom (Goliath Games) is a really fun game. In this game, two players are given a design card. The design card shows a design of blocks, cones, barrels and other building objects. Then with the materials given, you have to create an exact match of the card.

The first player to complete the entire design on the block plate blows up the other player’s design with the “bomb set” and wins that round. First to win 10 rounds wins. As we played, we realized it’s a strategical and requires skill to complete a round.

We would rate this game 5 smiles (out of 5) because of its great load of excitement, strategy and competitiveness.

Colleen Topping’s sixth-grade class, Manor Oaks Elementary School, New Hyde Park

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