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Build your own Bigshot camera

Do you like photography and building things by hand? If this sounds interesting to you, then you would like Bigshot the Do-It-Yourself Digital Camera ( It comes with many parts and instructions to make the camera. It took me 1 hour 20 minutes to build the camera. When I first looked at the box, I thought it would be hard and that I would need help. When I opened the box, there were a lot of parts. I took out the instructions and started. The parts of the camera were all labeled, so it helped me. I started with the gears and the main body that was red, then once I started it got much easier.

When I had to screw many parts in, it was very hard because my hand got very tired. But it came with extra screws, springs and a screwdriver. When I had to connect the battery wires to the screen, I couldn't fit in the battery because the wires were blocking it. So I realized that there was a spot for them. When I finished the camera, it worked perfectly. It was so cool. When I saw that there were 3-D glasses I decided to look up how to use them. I saw that there was a 3-D setting on the lens wheel. Also, there was a cord to connect to the computer to upload the photos. The Bigshot camera is very fun to build and is a great digital camera.


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