Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Build your own well-balanced robot

The Gyroscopic Robot Kit (Thames & Kosmos) is pretty cool. The Gyrobot is a toy that is like a human on two wheels. The wheels are on the bottom, one behind the other. It has a head on the top and two arms. It is a robot that works because it has a gyroscope inside. You can build it and take it apart and you can build seven different bots. If you like Lego, it's easy to build.

Gyroscopes can be used in smartphones, tablets, video games, airplanes, satellites, telescopes and more.

The Gyrobot has some cool features. You can move its arms all around it. It can push up to about seven grams. One of the Gyrobots can walk on thick string. Some requirements for working the Gyrobot are batteries because it's motorized and a flat surface so it can go.

Here is a building tip if you ever get the Gyrobot: Be careful, there are a lot of small pieces you can lose easily.

We recommend this for kids 6 and older.

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