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Building robots builds brainpower

Kidsday reporters Lilia Estrada and Darcy DeBenedittis love

Kidsday reporters Lilia Estrada and Darcy DeBenedittis love being in Robotics Club. Credit: Mark Jaklitsch

At St. James Elementary School there is a Robotics Club for fifth-graders. In this club, we build and program our own robots. We build them out of Lego Mindstorms kits. After we build our robot, things get even better. We get our own box to put our materials in, and we get our own computer. We use colored Legos and attach motors that are already built. We watch videos on how to program our robots and then we program them. We use a USB cable to download the programs from our computer to our robots. We program our robots to do things like stop when touched, move when hearing a sound, and stop when there is an object in the way. We also program our robots to go through all different kinds of mazes.

We even programmed our robots to pick up a ball and drop it in a basket. You don’t have to be totally smart to build and program, but you do push your brain to the limit sometimes. Robotics isn’t just about robots: You learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So if you have a robotics club at your school, we hope you join and have as much fun as we do.

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