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Good Morning

Bunger Surf Camp makes waves on the South Shore this summer

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

Are you looking for something fun to do in the hot summer sun? If you are, come on down to Bunger Surf Camp in Sayville. All you need is a towel, sunscreen and a smile, because Bunger will provide the rest. The camp meets at Sayville Ferry Terminal, at 41 River Rd. There are so many fun activities besides surfing, like bodyboarding, skimboarding and fun-filled action packed games. Wet suits for going in the water are included. You don’t need to worry because Bunger Surf Camp is safe and fun. The instructors are very reliable and awesome. They will even play beach games with you.

First, you will be dropped off at the ferry terminal and wait with the instructors and the rest of your group until you can board the ferry. After a short boat ride, you’ll arrive at Sailors Haven, Fire Island. Parents are welcome to come but have to pay their own expenses for the ferry. When the ferry is docked, you will get off as a group and head to the lunch area. While there, you will order your lunch. After you order lunch, grab a surf or bodyboard and head down to the beach. From then on, it’s all fun under the sun! Find out more at

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