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Burgers at Black Tap restaurant in Manhattan: What a meal

The Black Tap restaurant in Manhattan specializes in

The Black Tap restaurant in Manhattan specializes in burgers and shakes. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

We packed into a car and began our journey to the popular Black Tap restaurant in Manhattan’s SoHo. Once we arrived at the restaurant, we were ushered to the back of a line stretching down the entire block. The wait was relatively long (about 45 minutes) but was absolutely worth it.

We were led into the basement section of the chic joint, which was surprisingly small considering how popular the restaurant has become. The inside of the restaurant had a very modern-meets-retro look, with approximately 25 booths lining the room. Since there were not too many people in the restaurant, it felt very exclusive and private. Our waitress, Jordan, was very knowledgeable and sweet and added a modern touch to the rustic restaurant when she used an iPad to take our orders.

Roughly half an hour after we ordered, our mouthwatering burgers arrived. The Greg Norman burger, which was made of the pristine wagyu beef, has won several awards in the past two years and definitely lived up to its name. Some personal favorites were the Texan burger, the pizza burger, the all-American burger and the old-fashioned burger. A vegan burger was also an option.

Finally, our sugary milkshakes arrived. We immediately indulged ourselves in flavors such as Brooklyn Blackout, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Chip. They were beautifully decorated and were enjoyed by all. Our luncheon unfortunately had to come an end, but we would recommend this place to readers of all ages. After we left, we realized that our friendship (and jeans) felt tighter than ever.

The Black Tap is at 529 Broome St.; for other Manhattan locations, go online to

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