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Long Island kids review ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’

Kidsday reporters Nicole Aponte, left, and Isabella Niola

Kidsday reporters Nicole Aponte, left, and Isabella Niola meet with actor Max Bennett, who stars as Cecil Haversham and Arthur the Gardener in "The Play That Goes Wrong." Credit: Linda Aponte

On July 26 we went to the Lyceum Theatre in Manhattan to see the incredibly funny show “The Play That Goes Wrong.” The audience had the pleasure of joining the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society as the cast tries to stage a complex murder mystery where, as the title suggests, everything that could possibly go wrong surely does. The set begins to collapse around them, personal life is pulled in, and the expert comic timing had us falling out of our seats by the end of this hilarious play. Props start to fall, actors get hurt, mayhem ensues, but the actors continue to struggle on through the play against all the odds.

“The Play That Goes Wrong” begins before the curtain is raised as the cast prepares for the show. The plot line was the “Murder at Haversham Manor.” With a murder having been committed in a country house isolated by a “blizzard,” there are multiple suspects and an inspector who helps solve the crime.

This play is suited for all ages and will give anyone a good laugh! The fun atmosphere and quick comedy can be enjoyed by a wide range of different audiences. The actors made the audience feel at home by communicating with them throughout the whole play. The audience quickly became a community through laughter and made the play even more fun to watch.

Everything was so unexpected, and it had us at the edge of our seats. Our faces hurt from laughing so much. The actors were comedic through their facial expressions and emotions, which contributed to the audience living in the moment. The play flowed nicely and had perfect moments for laughter for the audience. It was such a great experience, and to top off the night, we were able to meet all of the actors after the play.

We give this production 5 smiles.

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