Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Our sweet taste test of Little Debbie cakes

Kidsday reporters Hugo Kapon, left, and Chase Gudelauski

Kidsday reporters Hugo Kapon, left, and Chase Gudelauski did a taste test of Little Debbie cakes. Credit: Thomas House

Little Debbie cakes are a very popular brand of dessert. We had the sweet opportunity to conduct a taste test with kids in our school from kindergarten to seventh grade with lemon and strawberry cakes. These cakes are special just for Mother’s Day! They also have vanilla cream and vanilla icing. These two flavors are both delicious but also very different. Some kids even tried to steal more cakes.

The strawberry cakes were by far the most popular. Kids thought they were sweeter and tasted like real strawberries. Luis, a fourth-grader, said, “The strawberry cakes will get you in a good mood!” Avery, a fifth-grader, thought they looked “very appetizing.” These cakes have two layers of strawberry cake, with cream in between each cake, frosting on every side, and drizzled strawberry frosting on top. We all agreed with Avery that this cake looks appetizing.

The lemon cakes were not as popular. Only two grades, third and seventh, liked the lemon cakes better. In kindergarten the strawberry cake only won by one person, and fifth grade was also pretty close, with strawberry winning by four. Second and fourth grades both liked the strawberry better than the lemon by 11. Out of the 15 people in fourth grade, eight kids liked the strawberry cakes better. But a lot of students still liked lemon better.

Take it from Summer, a third-grader, who said, “The lemon cakes are my favorite! They were so tasty and colorful!” And Samantha, a fourth-grader, said they were “super sweet and really lemony! I love them!” The lemon cakes have two thick layers of lemon cake, and one layer of cream separates them. On the exterior, the cakes are covered in sweet icing, with yellow drizzled on top. Just looking at it makes you want to eat it. Or, to put it in Marlin’s words, “They look so good, I would just eat it because of that!”

In the end, strawberry was by far the most popular. The reason for this is most likely because kids said the strawberry cakes are much sweeter than lemon. The lemon cakes also have a bit of a sour taste, and some kids dislike that. But, personally we preferred lemon and really liked conducting this sweet survey. It was nice to see the kids’ faces when they smiled after the cake. We also enjoyed eating the cakes when it was our turn. And although different kids had different opinions, there is one quote that unites them all, “We need more cake!” Hurry! They are only on store shelves for a limited time.

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