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Travel volleyball serves you well

Kidsday reporter Olivia Katz of Merrick on the

Kidsday reporter Olivia Katz of Merrick on the volleyball court. Credit: Katz family

Volleyball is becoming a really popular sport. I play for Club Ace Long Island, or CALI.

I’m learning how to play competitive volleyball on this travel team. When I tried out, there were more than 100 girls that wanted to make the team, and only 12 were selected. I went through two weeks of tryouts and made the CALI 13 Blue team. That was quite an achievement considering I didn’t have a lot of experience playing. I am one of four setters on my team.

They teach you drills that can help you get better. Practices are at Hofstra University. From my experience, the way you get better at volleyball is by trying, listening and doing your best.

Playing volleyball helps you meet new kids and make lots of friends. I think travel volleyball is good is because it’s a lot of fun, builds confidence and, as you practice, makes you better. I hope to make my middle school and high school teams by using all of the skills I learned at CALI.

When you join a travel volleyball team, you get to go to tournaments. My team has been to West Hartford, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. 

Roland Clark’s seventh-grade English class, Merrick Avenue Middle School

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