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Calico Critters make a cute collection

Kidsday reporters, from left, Grace Cullen, Emily Desiderio

Kidsday reporters, from left, Grace Cullen, Emily Desiderio and Juliana Balsamo with their Calico Critters. Credit: Desiderio family

We love the Calico Critters and we are all collectors.

We all have our own story on how we love them. Emily wrote: Every year on my birthday, my family gives me a lot of Calico Critters. If you are not aware of what they are, they are toy animals that are lifelike, they all have fur on them and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are babies, others are kids about 10 years old. You can buy them almost anywhere.

Juliana wrote: My friend Emily is obsessed with them. She let me take one home for Christmas. She is so nice. When we have free time together, we like to organize the house for them. There is a play spot for the babies and a living room for the parents. They are so cute!

Grace wrote: I love the Calico Critters. They come in families. My favorite families are the bunnies, the dogs and the pandas. They’re all so cute. All the families come with babies. All the girls wear these cute old-fashioned dresses. Some of the boys are wearing shirts with ties, and others are wearing coveralls and other cute outfits.

We like that you can also get different types of houses, furniture and cars for them. Emily has a super-big mansion for the Critters that has several rooms in it. I also have campers, a bakery, an ice cream truck and a lakeside cottage. We love getting them as gifts.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville

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