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Camelback Resort in Poconos has water park, coaster

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Lingfei Zhao

If you are looking for a great place to go to escape New York this summer, then head to the great Poconos resort Camelback. This place is great for people who like indoor and outdoor activities. They have an indoor water park, Aquatopia. In the park there is a wave pool, two playgrounds for kids, a lazy river and more.

There are one-of-a-kind slides for the kids, a roller coaster-like slide, a surfing simulator and more. One slide is 60 feet up in the air and as you step into a capsule and it closes, the floor disappears from below you and you plummet 60 feet. If you would rather do activities outside, then don’t worry, they have plenty of activities for you.

There is an outdoor water park that has more slides. There are some great rides, including the Sandstorm, Dune Runner and Titan. For people who love thrills, there are some intense rides such as Triple Venom, Vortex, Spin Cycle and much more. If you personally don’t like the water, it is fine, there are some great dry activities for everyone to enjoy.

I like the Mountain Coaster. You travel down the steep slopes of the mountain on a 4,500-foot-long track with two riders. It is the only mountain coaster in Pennsylvania. Another cool activity to do up in the mountains is a treetop adventure course. On this course you will have to go through challenging obstacles while getting an amazing view of the mountain. You can either do the full course or the explorer course. You have to be 9 to do the full course, and the explorer course is for kids ages 6 to 10. If you would rather just take in the view of the mountain without going through obstacles, then the Mountain Segway Tour is for you. You must be 14 years old to participate in the tour. You ride to the top of the mountain and ride through trails as you take in the amazing views.

My favorite adventure here is zip lining, but do you know how to make it better? How about have two people racing while zip lining? Then the Twin Zip-Flyers is for you. At the top of the mountain, you are hooked into the harness and race down the 4,000-foot-long tracks against another person. If you just want to go on a peaceful ride on a zip line that is 1,000 feet long, then take a ride on Dual Zip Line.

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