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Cameron Boyce from Disney’s ‘Gamer’s Guide’ talks to Long Island kids

"Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything" actor Cameron Boyce with Kidsday reporters from left, Giovanna Matthews, Sophia Mascari, Alex Martucci and Andrew Kurian. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met actor Cameron Boyce at the Disney offices in Manhattan recently. He stars as Conor in the Disney show “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.” We also liked him a lot in the summer movie “The Descendants.”

In your new show “Gamers Guide” there’s a lot of action. Was it a fun experience to film?

Yeah, we’re still filming. Actually I have to leave early from New York because I’m filming tomorrow, but yeah it’s a lot of fun. We have this thing called Gamer Vision where we bring in this crazy, like, carbon fiber weird camera and we’ll do everything from zombies to paintball to all sorts of stuff. It’s a lot of fun.

“Gamers” has pretty much everything. You seem to be a very good gamer. Personally what is the game you most enjoy?

I like NBA2K. That one is really fun. I’m a big basketball fan, so that’s my favorite. I used to do shooter games, but I’m not very good at them. So I’ve quit on those. NBA2K probably.

Is it hard to remember your lines or do people behind the scenes often have to yell them out?

For me it wasn’t like I had monologues or anything in the movie. It was fairly easy, I’d say, and you read them beforehand. You come prepared.

Besides the shows that you worked on, what is your favorite Disney show to watch in your free time?

It’s going to be “Bumped in a Minute” because I’m not on that one, but all my friends are. So I’d say “Bumped.”

Do you have any tricks or skills to keep you from laughing or messing up on TV or movies?

Not really. I just kind of laugh. A lot of people bite their cheeks. I like to grit my teeth if I’m really going to laugh, but that’s pretty much it. You just have to try and stay in it, but I’d say grit my teeth.

Do you ever wish you weren’t famous? Do you wish that you were a normal kid?

At times let’s say your little cousin has a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese, you wish that people just wouldn’t know you so you could just jump in the ball pit and have fun. Not often, but sometimes.

Who’s the funniest actor or actress that you had the chance to work with?

I’ve had a lot of funny people that I’ve worked with. I would say Kevin Chamberlin, who played Bertram on “Jessie.” He was hilarious and Karan Brar from “Jessie” as well.

How is working with a YouTuber different than working with an actor?

I think it’s a different set of skills. YouTubers are really talented, they’re really creative, they know lighting and they set up your own shots and they’re very creative and kind of cerebral at that. But actors it’s completely different. If you try to see an actor do YouTube or a YouTuber try acting, it could really be bad and you’d think it would be OK, but sometimes it’s a different set of skills. And I haven’t worked with many YouTubers, but they’re very different. You wouldn’t think they are, but they’re very different.

When you feel like snacking on the set, what is the thing you most like to eat?

I always go to the chocolate drawer and I don’t want to. I do want to but I feel like I can’t but I do it anyway. There’s a giant cupboard of all sorts of Trader Joe’s, all the chocolate you could imagine.

For young kids who want to grow up to be actors, what advice would you give them?

Stick to it, try to learn from everything and everyone, and just stick to it because for me I didn’t book anything for a year. There were times where you just wouldn’t book anything. But you can’t get discouraged — you just keep going and keep pushing.

When and what was your first big break?

The one that I was most excited about was the first commercial I ever did, which was a Target commercial and I was in it for two seconds and I was watching a train, like a toy train go by. I remember that vividly. My second one was the first movie I got, which was the horror movie called “Mirrors,” and I shot that in Romania, it was really weird. Those two would probably be the ones where I was most excited. I thought it was going to be my big break.

In “Grown Ups” and “Grown Ups 2” your dad is Adam Sandler and he also appeared once on “Jessie.” Is Adam Sandler someone you want to film with again? Is he a lot of fun to film with?

Heck, yeah. He’s awesome. He’s hilarious, too. He’s really a genuine dude. He seems to play the same character with a different name. So the character he plays is actually just him, so when you’re watching the movies you’re just watching Adam Sandler.

You’re an acting role model to kids growing up. Who’s your role model?

A lot of athletes. I watch athletes a lot because of their work ethics and I try to learn from that. Guys like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, stuff like that, I really looked up to. Actors obviously. We talk about guys like Michael Jackson, in the singing.

When you first started acting did you ever think you wouldn’t make it?

Not at all, but that’s why you stick to it, and that’s why you try to learn everything you can. That opportunity was amazing and when I found out I was going to be starring in a TV show it was like wow. Just a couple of years ago I was not starring in a TV show, but it was cool news and it’s gratifying all the work you put in when you’re not the star and learning from the stars. That’s how you get to eventually have your own TV show.


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