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Law class at camp showed me how exciting court can be

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lance Allen, East Meadow

I used to think my parents had boring jobs. They are lawyers and are constantly on phone calls. Every spring my parents would let me choose the classes I would take at this camp. I saw a new choice, a law class. “Try it!” my parents told me. I wondered what the class would be like.

I loved it so much. We did many activities that involved learning about many aspects of being a lawyer and going to court. The class was really exciting and fun. Some activities that we did were mock trials.

During a mock trial, kids would act out different roles such as the lawyers for both sides, witnesses and judges. During the class we would read about either a real law case that had gone to trial or a made-up case, and then we would choose what side we wanted to be on. We would be assigned a part such as witness or lawyer. Lawyers would write questions for the witnesses. Two kids in the class were chosen to be judges. The judges in our class wore big, long robes and researched cases similar to the one the class was working on. The judges decided the winners (who got lollipops!) and decided if objections to a lawyer’s questions made sense. This was a lot of fun.

When we had time, we read cases that actually happened, and we would try to guess the outcome. Everyone wanted to get the answer right, and the kids were really happy when their answer was right. The cases kept us thinking, and some of the outcomes were outrageous. One case was about a robber who was trying to rob a house when he tripped on the sidewalk and sustained a major injury. The robber proceeded to sue the people who lived in the house for not taking care of the sidewalk. The robber, although he was plotting to steal from the house, won the lawsuit.

Now, I look at my mom and dad’s jobs differently because of the law class. It showed me a side of law I didn’t know about before.

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