Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Can't get a dog? You can still play with one

My parents won't let me get a dog because my brother is allergic to dogs. I feel it is not fair. Why does he have to be allergic? I told my parents that I could just keep the dog in my room. I also suggested that I would walk the dog and I would put a mat in my room, so if the dog had to pee in the house, it would go on the mat. Well, my ideas didn't work.

Since I am not allowed to have a dog, I had to find ways to play with them. One way I have found is to have a playdate or to tag along with friends who have a dog.

Another way is something I like to call a doggy playdate. Instead of calling your friend for a playdate, you ask if you could take their dog instead. And if they say yes, I am so lucky. I like to walk them, play with them and just hang out with dogs!

What I might do is go to an animal shelter and dress up dogs and take photos of them so they could get adopted. What you do is hang the pictures up all over town. You could also work on scooping the poop (which I do not want to do).

Those are ways you can play with dogs if your parents won't let you get one.

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