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Candytopia is one sweet place to visit

Kidsday reporters Gianna Donofrio, left, Samantha DeRosa, Nicholas

Kidsday reporters Gianna Donofrio, left, Samantha DeRosa, Nicholas Calandrino and Brandon Ferrara at Candytopia in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Candytopia in Manhattan is a place truly for candy lovers. This pop up museum of candy has sculptures, paintings and more made out of candy. We liked the giant marshmallow pit that you can jump into.  You can take candy from the treasure chests in each section of the museum. There are all sorts of candy to enjoy such as: Trollis, Airheads, Pixie Sticks, marshmallows and much more.

Even if you don’t like candy we would definitely check this place out of the cool unusual candy sculptures that are made from your favorite candies. When we went in each room we made sure we took some candy and we also took some pictures in front of really cool things. One room was Trolli-themed, where there was a spinning thing on the floor and fake confetti snow blew on you while you were spinning.

We enjoyed all of the different rooms with cool things to take pictures with. We liked the marshmallow pit where we all dove into at the end of our visit. We hope you take a trip to Candytopia at 145 W 32nd St., in Manhattan, right down the street from Penn Station. But hurry! Candytopia closes Jan. 6.

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