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The hat that's so many hats

Kidsday Reporter Collin Chattaway of Aquebogue and the

Kidsday Reporter Collin Chattaway of Aquebogue and the patches that let him transform his his Canopy Hat. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

I don’t know about you, but I think there is no hat more cooler than a Canopy Hat. It is a black baseball cap with Velcro in the front and mesh in the back. The reason it has Velcro is because there are different patches that you can take on and off. I think that it is cool because it is like no other hat and you can trick people into thinking that you are wearing different hats when you are really wearing the same one. My favorite patch is the one that is a stop sign that says “START” on it.

I tried five different patches on the hat. There are so many to choose from. There are also times when some patches are perfect. For example, when you go to NYC, there is a stamp that has "NY" on it. Or when you go camping, you can put a patch that has a wolf howling in the night. And when you to go to California, there is a patch that has bear and says "California EST 1850."

There are patches that I can’t really figure out where to wear them. One has a yellow diamond that says “BREATHE” on it. Maybe yoga class. My favorite, the one with the “START” sign, is another. Maybe NASCAR races or something like that because it might mean start your engines.

That is why I think this is the coolest hat ever.


Tami Koller’s fourth-grade class, Aquebogue Elementary School

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