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Captain Marvel is our movie icon

Brie Larson stars in  "Captain Marvel."

Brie Larson stars in  "Captain Marvel." Credit: AP

Do we, as women, have the power and capacity to change the world? Judge for yourself after seeing this movie. The wonderful lead character in the new movie “Captin Marvel” uses the best parts of being both a human and female blended with extraordinary powers, which give her the ability to change not only the world but also the galaxy! Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) isn’t just a superhero; she is an icon for all girls who want to change the world. When people think she's weak, she rises to the occasion and becomes more powerful than her adversaries ever thought she could be. Brie brought this noble character to life by showing both sides of Captain Marvel, who is both sensitive and fierce. While we would never be able to have her superpowers, we were able to make a connection to Captain Marvel when she let her guard down.

Although Captain Marvel was often reprimanded by her superiors about letting her emotions affect her, we loved when she was vulnerable. It was her emotions that led her to become a true hero and connected her to her human side, which made Captain Marvel who she is. From this side of her, we learned the power of being in tune with our emotions. The puzzle pieces all came together in one big lesson-filled picture in the end.

We learned from this movie that although you can’t trust everyone, there are good people out there who will always have your back. We recommend you follow the rating (PG-13) on this one due to some violence and language and, if you make the cut, we encourage you to go out and see it!

Female adolescents searching for a role model or source of inspiration can definitely find it in this movie! Fans of previous Avengers movies are also encouraged to go out and watch this movie, which includes many Avengers characters and connects all the movies together. To quote Captain Marvel herself, we are “heroes, noble warrior heroes.”

This movie is especially enjoyable if you’re greatly enthralled with the Marvel universe because it explains some of the events that occur in the other movies. It also answers a lot of questions Avengers fans may have that have yet to be answered, such as why Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) wears an eye patch; and it flashes forward to some events that will occur in "Avengers: Endgame."

Although we were inspired and amazed by Brie Larson’s character, our hearts will forever belong to Goose, her adorable furry friend! The character of Goose is definitely something new and fun that was added to the collection of characters in other Avengers and Marvel movies. When you watch this movie be sure to pay attention to the little details because when you do the Marvel world is truly exposed and makes so much more sense. It clears up how the Avengers superhero universe came to be. Go see “Captain Marvel” -- you are sure to have a good time!

Five smiles.

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