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My family and I agree that fluke fishing is fun

Kidsday reporter Peyton Smith enjoys fishing out of

Kidsday reporter Peyton Smith enjoys fishing out of Captree. Credit: Migdalia Dominguez

Fluke fishing is amazing. My family and I go fluke fishing every July.

The boats leave from Captree Boat Basin right near Robert Moses beach. This is how it goes: We get on the boat, and the guys who work there set up our fishing rods and give us our bait. Then we leave from Captree.

We wait for the boat to stop and for the horn to honk. After the horn honks, we drop our lines and wait until there's a tug and it’s hard to pick up. You reel it up and see what it is. It might be a fluke, a crab, or something on your bait (or it might be something that has eaten your bait). The thing is that your bait might sink under the boat and get stuck on somebody else’s line.

If you catch a 19-inch fluke, you can keep it, but if it’s 18 inches or smaller, you cannot keep it. Also, if it’s a crab or a sea robin, you cannot keep it.

If you want to go fishing, you can go check out the fluke fishing at Captree. Have fun! I can’t wait for the summer to come around and go fishing again.

Diana Talamo’s fourth-grade class, St. Martin de Porres Marianist School, Uniondale

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