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My cousin invented a fun family card game

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

My cousin, Tyler, is in the U.S. Army. We all love spending time with him when he comes home. We play a fun card game that he made up. Do you want to learn how to play it?

First you need to remove the jacks, queens, and kings from the deck. Next, shuffle the deck. Then, place the deck in the middle of the table. Each player will take turns flipping over one card and doing an activity correlated to that card. The last player to remain in the game is the winner!

Here are the activities that go along with each card in the deck:

Ace: Name something fun that you like to do. Then go around the table, and everyone has to name something fun. If someone hesitates, he or she is out of the game.

2: Think fast! Name two things that you like to do. If you hesitate, you’re out.

3: Whee! Choose a partner and at the same time you have to say something that you both like to do. Say, “We like to ________.” If your answers don’t match, you’re both out.

4: Floor! Everyone has to touch the floor. The last person to touch the floor is out.

5: Name five things that you did today.

6: Fix! Name six things that you’ve ever fixed.

7: Heaven! Everyone has to point to heaven. The last person to do so is out.

8: Ate! In five seconds, name what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day. If you can’t, you’re out.

9: Bust a rhyme! The person who flips the card over chooses a word, and everyone must say a word that rhymes with it. (Don’t choose “orange.”) Whoever repeats a word or hesitates is out.

10: When! When did you do something that you weren’t supposed to? Tell the group. Don’t hesitate, or you’re out.

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