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Review: The Caring Cats game is all about spreading kindness

Kidsday reporter Sena Kang and her siblings playing

Kidsday reporter Sena Kang and her siblings playing the Caring Cat game. Credit: Kang family

I was given the board game Caring Cats Kindness Around Town (Chalk & Chuckles) to review. This is a game about kindness, caring and respectfulness.

It is easy to play. Here is what you do: Roll the dice. If you get the mouse, then the mouse will move forward one space (which is not good). If you get a number, then you get to move how many spaces you got. If you land on the sun, you get a heart charm. But, if you if you land on the Ladybug hill, then you lose a heart charm. If you land on the heart envelope, then you get a card from the middle, say what is happening in the picture and tell the other players what the problem is and who you should help.

If the mouse gets to the school house, then everyone loses. You have to collect charms in this game and the first with five charms wins. 

In this game, you do good things for others and respect your elders. For example, one card shows you a poor lady is sleeping next to a hot dog stand. You can be kind by buying her a hot dog. 

My opinion is that other kids should play this game because you will be a good person. You may face the same problems in the real world and help others. 

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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