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Caring for a cockapoo

Kidsday reporter Jessica Diaz is a big fan

Kidsday reporter Jessica Diaz is a big fan of her dog Daisy. Credit: Diaz family

Do you wonder about having a dog? How about having and caring for a cockapoo? A cockapoo is half cocker spaniel and half poodle. I have a cockapoo named Daisy. She is very important to me because I have had her ever since I was young and she will always be by my side. My cockapoo is very playful. She always loves to play a good game of tug of war and a nice game of Frisbee.

I always take Daisy out for a walk, and she stops at every pole and looks out for any other dog to play with. After our walk, we come home and snuggle for a few minutes, and we watch TV together while she lays her head on me. Cockapoos are so sweet to play with and walk with and hang out with. So, do you think you want a cockapoo? It’s your choice!

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