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Casa de Spin: Take your artistic side out for a spin

Kidsday reporters Gabriel Blanco, left and Garbriella D'Orlando

Kidsday reporters Gabriel Blanco, left and Garbriella D'Orlando at Casa De Spin in Massapequa. Credit: D'Orlando family

If you are looking to find an enjoyable and simple activity to do with family and friends, you should consider visiting Casa de Spin in Massapequa.

It offers a unique form of painting called spin art, where you drop paint on a spinning canvas to form a beautiful piece of artwork. Casa de Spin is home to many events, including birthday parties, spin classes and more. Anyone can do it! You do not need any experience, nor any talent to create a stunning piece of art. The employees are very welcoming, and they gladly guide you through each step, making sure you receive the best experience and outcome possible.

Upon entering Casa de Spin, we were given aprons to get ready to “spin.” Before we started spinning, we chose a background color for our canvas. Then we placed our canvas into the SpinArt machine. We were given a brief tutorial explaining how to use the SpinArt machine. The tutorial included different techniques you can choose from, making your spin art a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The hardest part is that it’s so fun, you never know when to stop!

Next time you are in need of a fun-filled activity, remember Casa de Spin. It is open year-round.

Info: 81 Grand Ave, Massapequa, 516-654-7746,

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