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Cat Crimes: Logic game makes you a detective

Kidsday reporter Alexa Larios tested the Cat Crimes

Kidsday reporter Alexa Larios tested the Cat Crimes detective game. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Cat Crimes (Think Fun) is a logic game in which you solve crimes.

There are six cats, and each is guilty of a crime. It reminded me of the game Clue. There are 40 cards, and each card has a crime with clues to where you should place the cats on the game board. The cards are colored for the four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. There are also crime tokens. When you get a card, you place a crime token that matches the picture on your card. There are six crimes to solve and each cat has committed one, but on each level they commit different crimes.

I thought this was a super-fun problem-solving game. I told my friend to try it out, and she loved it, too. What I thought was funny is that on the game board there are cat toys and catnip, and the board is a living room. Since I love cats so much I thought it was really cute. I think it was nice that the cats have names, like Sassy, Ginger, Tom Cat, Mr. Mittens, Duchess and Pip Squeak.

Ages: 8 and older

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

Julie Corwin’s fifth-grade class, Drexel Avenue School, Westbury

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