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Adopting a stray cat has made us both happy

Kidsday reporter Yitao Wang's cat follows her around

Kidsday reporter Yitao Wang's cat follows her around and likes to talk a lot. Credit: Yitao Wang

My cat is special in many ways. For example, she sometimes acts like a dog. She follows my family and me around the neighborhood and usually chases what we throw around. But my cat’s life hasn’t always been happy days and rainbows. That’s why I’m going to tell you all about my special cat.

When I moved here last year, my cat was still a stray cat. On Labor Day weekend, my mom heard something crying. I thought it was just some bird talking or singing, but my mom thought it was something else. We went outside and found little kittens in a stairwell outside in my neighbor’s backyard. The kittens looked cold and hungry. Eventually our neighbor told us the mom had left them there and they were meowing all night. My neighbor was a real cat lady and started bottle-raising them. I wondered why she wouldn’t let the kittens in her house. She said she had cats who were not familiar with other cats, and she was scared they would start fighting with the kittens.

After I got home from school that day, my neighbor called me over and we fed the cats milk from a small bottle. The cats meowed a lot but started purring after we held them, brushed their fur and washed the dirt from their eyes, tummies and their tiny tails. After that day I started to go to my neighbor’s house almost every day.

Eventually the mommy cat came and started to feed her kittens. Soon the kittens became very strong, and I wanted one real badly. My mom thought that taking care of a kitten was very hard and said the mommy cat would be way easier than taking care of a kitten.

We adopted the mommy cat in November, and the kittens were put up for adoption. We call her Mommy Cat. When we first got the cat, she thought of the house as strange and wanted to go outside a lot. Eventually we gave in and let her free. We were scared she might get lost, but actually she came back in one piece. Even now, every time I go outside, my cat also comes and follows me, ready to protect me. Something that I also think is very weird with my cat is that she talks a lot — like, a lot. Every time she waits outside for us to open the door she meows like she’s dying, and every time I try to sleep she comes up to me and starts to meow.

I am very thankful for her. I would never give her away, and I think I will have her for as long as she lives. She brings a lot of joy into our family and she means the world to our family.

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