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'Catch You Later, Traitor,' Avi's new novel has secrets

Are you in the mood for a mysterious historical fiction book? Do you love novels that involve confusing secrets that even the best detectives in the universe can't seem to figure out? If the answer to these questions is yes, "Catch You Later, Traitor," by Avi (Algonquin Young Readers) is the book for you!

"Catch You Later, Traitor" takes place in 1951 and is told from the perspective of 12-year-old Pete Collison. "Regular" Pete lives his regular life in regular Brooklyn, talks about baseball, hangs out with his regular best friend, Kat, and loves regular Sam Spade detective books. But communism interrupts his normal life.

Mr. Donavan, his teacher, talks about communists and specifies him. Pete's classmates treat him cruelly, and even Kat almost betrays him! Pete doesn't know what's going on at first, but later he learns that Mr. Donavan told his classmates and their parents that Pete is a communist because his father sounded like one. Even an FBI agent telephones Pete, follows him everywhere, and attempts to get information about his father out of Pete. To solve this puzzling mystery, Pete becomes Sam Spade, questions his father, and tries to fit together the clues. But each time he attempts to reveal the truth, he walks away with more questions. Can Pete crack this perplexing mystery?

This is a wonderful book to read. It is very descriptive. The author uses a lot of figurative language that helps the reader better understand the text.

RATING 5 smiles

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