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Good Morning

What’s cool about cats

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Cindy Chen, Huntington Station

Do you hate cats? Some people don’t like them because some cats are known to scratch and bite. That’s not all cats and there are good reasons for getting a cat.

First, cats don’t need to be walked, so they don’t interrupt your time. Next, cats can have different personalities; sometimes they’re moody, happy, enjoyable and comforting. Lastly, cats enjoy different types of toys. It is very entertaining watching a cat jump around or chase lasers, feathers and more!

Cats are great and entertaining creatures. I’ve always had a cat. My cat, Gigi, was not used to me at first, but each week she started coming out more and letting me pet her. Now, she enjoys me more than ever. She still favors my mom but I still think she’s great. I really suggest you beg your parents to get a cat. You will have a new best friend in no time at all.

Barbara Wright’s fifth-grade class, Birchwood Intermediate School, Huntington Station

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