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Celebrating Grandparents Day

Kidsday reporter Jagger Celentano's grandpa Bob Celentano went

Kidsday reporter Jagger Celentano's grandpa Bob Celentano went to school to celebrate Grandparents Day. Credit: Constance Krauss

We celebrate Grandparents Day in my school yearly. My grandpa, Bob Celentano, came to our Grandparents Day celebration.

First, we had tea and cookies, and we talked. We talked about his silver bracelet. I found out his uncle gave it to him. The bracelet has the names of different countries his uncle traveled to during World War II. His uncle served in the United States Navy. It was very interesting to learn about my great-uncle and some of our family history.

Next, we made a pinecone bird feeder for the outdoor classroom. We made them from seeds, lard, and a pine cone. They are hanging on a tree so the birds can have food. Then Grandpa and I had our picture taken.

Finally, a teacher read a story about a mom and her child. I did not like the story very much, but I listened politely anyway. Afterward, I was given the picture of my grandpa and me framed to take home with me. It made me feel happy. What a special day!

Bringing our grandparents to our school makes all the kids feel so special.

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