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Good Afternoon

Why having no cellphone might be a good call

Caroline Jonassen is the one Kidsday reporter from

Caroline Jonassen is the one Kidsday reporter from Leggz Dance without a phone. Standing beside her are Paige Hyland, left, and Kate Ollendike. Seated, from left, are Joy Tarzia, Maggie Barry, Kanin Michael and Katelyn Lee. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Everywhere I look, I see cellphones.

Most kids and adults of all ages have access to these technological wonders that can perform countless numbers of operations that make them so hard for people to resist. Once they get their hands on a cellphone, it seems like people become absorbed in the world that it offers.

I think that today's society is addicted to cellphones, and almost everyone owns one. I can’t walk into a public place without being surrounded by people of every age, size, gender and race using one.

I do know one other thing for sure: I don’t know what it is like to have a cellphone.

You heard me. I am 13, and I don’t own a cellphone. Not possessing a cellphone wasn’t exactly my choice. My parents won’t allow me to get one. If I got to choose, I would probably want one to be part of the crowd. Now that I think about it, this doesn’t seem like the right decision. I should make decisions based on what I want, not what I assume other people will think about me. Anyway, I don’t have a choice. You are probably wondering what it is like to live in a world where the cellphone is worshipped.

In my opinion, I am better off not having a cellphone. First of all, I am easily distracted. While doing homework or reading, I need to be in a quiet room by myself. I have trouble focusing. With a cellphone always making noises and just being there to tempt me, I would never get any work done. Secondly, being consumed by a cellphone would take away valuable time. I am a busy person, and it is rare for me to have nothing to do. Because I don’t have a cellphone, I can focus my energy on taking six dance classes and baton twirling classes, being part of the marching band, taking extra enrichment classes and finishing my homework. When I do have free time, I do creative things, such as reading (my favorite activity!), drawing and making collages, doing arts and crafts, making up dances, going outside and playing games with my siblings and cousins.

I also have the time to do a lot of volunteer work for my school and church. I am the vice president of the student council, and I help out at fundraisers. I even had the time to train my aunt’s dog to be a diabetes awareness dog for my cousin who has diabetes. A third reason why not owning a cellphone is great is because I am forced to talk to people face to face. I can’t text or email, so if I need to ask questions or just want to chat, I must talk to people in person. This can help me improve my communication and social skills.

So, do I have Instagram? No.

Do I have Snapchat? No.

do I have Twitter? No.

What do I have? An interesting life.

Sam Carrell and Joan MacNaughton’s dancers, Leggz Ltd. Dance, Rockville Centre

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