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Good Afternoon

'Champions of Breakfast' review: Save the queen!

The book "Champions of Breakfast," by Adam Rex (HarperCollins), is a great book that talks about fairies; the main characters, Scott and Mick, are on a mission to save the fairy queen. This book will take you into the mysterious depths of pink dragons, knights, and the moral of hardihood. Now John, a supposed-to-be-knight, is on a mission to destroy a pink dragon that's a female.

It is a fascinating book that shows readers what hard work really is. The hard workers in this book are the ones who get a higher probability of achieving their goals, and you see it in so many ways because the characters' personalities are all so different.

This inspiring story teaches readers to never hesitate to reach their goals. The characters persevere by continuing on with their life and forgetting about their past defeats. For example, when Scott and Polly wanted to get back to Earth after many difficult challenges, they persevere and finally get back home safely.Rating: 4 smiles

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