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Kidsday reporter Vivian Laskowski with the Yantouch Eye1

Kidsday reporter Vivian Laskowski with the Yantouch Eye1 Lifestyle Stereo. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

What do you do when you want to jam out to some music with your friends, or just chill and listen to some music? Well, first of all you need some music that’s worthy of jamming to and most importantly, a speaker. I know that some of you may like to plug in headphones or earbuds, but when you don’t your phone can barely be heard at its maximum volume. I have a solution for you. You should get the Eye1 Lifestyle Stereo (Yantouch). This unique speaker has little things that are unlike any other speakers.

First of all, the speaker changes color. Who doesn’t love watching something change color? The speakers are a very eye-catching product. Because the color of the plastic is a foggy gray, when it changes colors it affects the way the colors show a bit. On the back there is a kickstand that turns on the device and gives it a bit of support. Another positive thing about the speaker is that it is Bluetooth.

The sound quality of the speaker is great. None of the words are muffled, so it sounds like the person singing is next to you. All in all, the sound is crystal clear. To increase and decrease the sound there is a remote that comes inside the package. This can also control other things such as the color, or the brightness. You can link your Apple or Android or any other Bluetooth device to the speaker.

My only wish is that it was a just a little bit smaller, but it is not a big deal.

Rating: 5 smiles


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