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Chatting with the stars of 'Percy Jackson'

Kidsday reporters Natalie Furman and Abby Semelsberger with

Kidsday reporters Natalie Furman and Abby Semelsberger with actor Logan Lerman who stars as Percy Jackson in the movie "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," at the Trump SoHo Hotel in Manhattan. (July 26, 2013) Credit: Newsday Pat Mullooly

Calling all demigods and Lermaniacs! We went to see the new movie "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," the highly anticipated addition to the Percy Jackson series.

The movie stars Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson. This movie kept us at the edge of our seats the whole time.

In this movie, things aren't looking good for Percy. He doubts himself; he just found out he has a new Cyclops half-brother; Clarisse, the camp bully, is beating him at everything, and the border protecting Camp Half Blood is failing.

The only thing that could save the camp from destruction is the Golden Fleece, which can cure anyone or anything.

There is one problem: The Golden Fleece is not at the camp. It's in the Sea of Monsters, which mortals call the Bermuda Triangle. The fleece is guarded by the Cyclops Polyphemus.

Luke wants to use the fleece to resurrect Kronos, the father of all gods and the only one who can destroy Olympus.

Percy (Logan), Annabeth (Alexandra) and Grover (Brandon) embark on a journey to save camp before the barrier breaks, and to save the world before Kronos resurrects to destroy it.

This movie is superb! It's hilariously funny, action-packed and heartfelt. Fans of the book will be satisfied overall with the screen adaptation. The new director, Thor Freudenthal, adds a fresh, fun take on the series.

This movie makes you laugh, cry and feel everything in between. We loved the story between Tyson (Percy's half-brother) and Percy. This movie has a little bit for everyone. If you like action, there is a wicked action scene.

If you like comedy, there are so many funny scenes. "Sea of Monsters" is amazing.

After seeing the movie, we went to the Trump SoHo Hotel and met separately with stars Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario.


What was it like working with a new director?

It's fun. Thor Freudenthal, if you meet him or you have met him, he's a really nice guy and he really brings out the tone of the book in this movie. He makes it really kind of fast-paced and fun and light, a little bit more comedic, like the book is. He's all those things. He's a pretty quick and funny guy.

What was it like working with all the special effects?

Fun. It was cool. They had big special effects. A lot of green screen work, riding a giant rig that makes you go like this and it becomes a hippo camper, and it's fun.

What was your favorite scene in the movie?

I really enjoyed the scenes with Polyphemus. He's a real fun character. The big Cyclops. I like his character in Greek mythology, and the way that we used him in this film, and he can't really see out of his eye. That was kind of cleverly used in this world.

If you have to be a child of an Olympian god, who would your parent be?

Oh, I would pick Poseidon just became I'm biased because of Percy. It would be cool; and Percy's not too bad, he's pretty cool.

Do you ever get approached by really excited "Percy Jackson" fans in real life?

I do sometimes. Yes. It's really flattering, and the fact that people like it so much is really cool.

Did you read all the books, and if so, which one is your favorite?

I didn't read all the books. I've only read the first two, and hopefully if we do a third, check out the third and the fourth. It's hard to pick a favorite.

Have you ever met the author of the "Percy Jackson" book series, Rick Riordan?

I did. I did meet Rick. I met him like on the first film briefly. But I know he was really involved with the first movie. I remember that.

Will you continue to play the role of Percy in future movies?

Yes, I guess it's not for sure yet, but if the film does well, and enough people see it, I think we'll be back for a third.


Whose idea was it to make you blond in the movie?

It was the producers and the people in charge, and I was totally on board with it because I understand that the fans wanted the character to look more like the character from the books. It was really fun. It was fun to be blond for a little bit.

What are the challenges of playing a character so smart and strong like Annabeth?

It was more empowering than challenging. The challenges involved the physical training that we had. We had a lot of fight choreography, and you have to work out a lot, so make sure you're in shape. That kind of thing.

So you get really tired. It was really cool. You feel really tough and empowered and you bring out a side of you that you didn't know existed. Like I don't get to go around sword fighting with people in my normal life, and I get to sword fight with people in the movie. That's pretty cool.

How was it working with two different directors in the same franchise?

It was great. I think as an actor you get use to working with different directors. So it's not really an unusual thing, and I think he brought a really great energy to the movie, and I like his take on the movie. I think he made it really true to the books. He made a great film.

What was your favorite scene in the movie?

I have a lot of favorite scenes. I love the action scene at the end with Kronos. That's a really cool scene. I love that scene. I think it's really funny when we first find Tyson. I think that's a real funny sequence.

How did Annabeth change from "Lightning Thief" to "Sea of Creatures"?

Annabeth was so tough in "Lightning Thief." She had her guard up and especially that first fight she had with Percy, she really wanted him to prove himself to her. And in this one, she's a better friend. I think she's sweeter and more vulnerable, and I think she's OK with being a little weak sometimes. And I liked playing that side of her because that's how we all are.

What is your opinion on Annabeth?

I love Annabeth. What's so great about her? She's so strong. She's also a normal human being. She's also weak and she has her vulnerabilities, and she makes a lot of mistakes. She can still be really cool and fight and be a warrior and save the world at the end of the day.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Great things, I hope. I don't know. I love acting. I hope I get to keep acting as I get older, and I'm working hard to do it and that's really all I can do. I hope I get to do some cool things. And I hope more "Percy Jackson" movies.

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