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Good Morning

Cheerleading as a sport, not simply a sideline activity

Tumbling and aerial stunts have made cheerleading a

Tumbling and aerial stunts have made cheerleading a real sport. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Emma Mulhall, East Marion

Ready? OK. I love cheerleading. I have been cheering for seven years, and it’s my favorite sport. When I was little, I felt cheer was not noticed much. It was basically known as a fun activity for kids to do. It really wasn’t considered a “sport.”

I cheer an average of 13 hours a week. I cheer at school and at Premier All-Stars in Farmingdale. My position, or specialty, is back spot. I hold the ankles of the flyers, the cheerleaders up in the air. I also love tumbling and stunting with the flyers.

This year I was a cheerleader at Wantagh Middle School. It is a lot of fun to cheer at my school because I get to cheer with some of my good friends. We cheer at football games, basketball games and at competitions. This year we competed in two competitions, and we placed first in both.

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