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Cheerleading is fun, but it's also hard work

Cheer isn't as easy as some people think. We would like to tell you the cheer basics.

When you do cheer, you have to be focused on what you are doing so you don't mess up. You have to learn your parts and also know your teammates' parts. You are part of a team. When you cheer, you need to smile, even at practice, so you won't forget at competition.

When you are doing cheer, there are three main positions. The first is the flyer. The flyer has more of a role than just getting tossed in the air. The flyer's job is to stand tall and lock her knees.

The next position is the base. Two people have this job -- they hold the feet and lift the flyer. This job is not easy because most of the weight is on them.

The last position is the back spotter. This person lifts the ankles and keeps the flyer steady.

On the first day of cheer practice, the coaches see what flips you can do so they can put it in the routine. During cheer practice, they show you certain stunts and see how you do with these stunts.

We go to New York Cheer All Stars at 18AA Evergreen Place, Deer Park. We usually stay at New York Cheer for two hours. When we don't get a lot of work done, we can stay for up to five hours. On the day of the five-hour practice, we put our song and routine together.

Whenever a stunt fails, our coaches make us do five or more pushups. In our routines, we do a lot of dance and gymnastics moves. We also do a lot of tumbling.

Giavana has been cheering for two years, and Sophia has been cheering for four. We love cheer and being a part of a team, and we can't wait for the season to start again next year.

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