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Review: This Nerf toy is a blast

Kidsday reporter Aaron Chen tests the Cheetah Beast

Kidsday reporter Aaron Chen tests the Cheetah Beast Blaster toy. Credit: Chen family

The Nerf Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cheetah Beast Blaster (Hasbro ) is a fun toy.

It is recommended for ages 8 and up.  It includes three blue Nerf darts to shoot at targets. To use the darts, you need to slide two darts in the dart holder below the cheetah’s mouth. You then pull the lever in the back of the blaster and the mouth will open.  The dart holder will also move above the cheetah’s head and you can put the last dart into the cheetah’s open mouth. 

I like the Cheetah Beast Blaster, but I have many other toys.  If you have many toys like me, this may not be your most favorite toy because I think kids might like video games more. Otherwise, when you are through playing xBox and Fortnite, go out and have a blast.

Pamela Ginex’s Cub Scouts, Troop 168, Syosset

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