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Chess 4 presents a trickier battlefield for players

Do you love to play chess, but think it is too easy? Try Chess 4, a game where chess has gotten much trickier and is now a war.

Out of your total 16 pieces, there are six main figures: the king, the queen, the rook, the knight, the bishop and the pawn. The king is still the most important piece on the board; if captured it leads to the downfall of your army, and you immediately lose the game. Kings only move one space in any direction, and they are weak on the battlefield. The queen is the most powerful piece on the board, which stands next to the king on the board at the beginning of the game. Queens can move any number of spaces in any direction, making it an invaluable piece. I think it is best that you master chess before you decide to try the challenging and exciting game Chess 4 (University Games). The board setup is different, but the moves of the pieces remain the same.

Chess 4 is a four-player game where you don't only have to worry about the opponent in front of you, but the ones to the left and right of you too. Capturing the king on the battlefield is also not the end. When you capture a king, you have the choice to merge the abandoned army with your own, or leave it as it is, acting like a barrier.

Chess 4 is a truly amazing game. Chess is a game where you must defeat the opposing army to win, but can you defeat three enemy armies? Play Chess 4, emerge victorious and rule the battlefield. Are you up for the challenge?


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