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Chess club teaches us about both games and life

Kidsday reporters Brady Gelling and Henry Bosse work

Kidsday reporters Brady Gelling and Henry Bosse work on the game with coach Harold Stenzel. Credit: Kimberly Rall

Chess is a magnificent board game. It teaches focus, strategy and calmness. We participate in a school club, Chess Nuts. It is the best club we’ve been in. It takes place either in the library or the art room, depending on your skill level.

Chess Nuts has taught us lots of life lessons. It helps kids solve problems and it’s also very challenging. Chess makes kids think. All different ages of children can learn chess. It teaches taking turns, learning to wait and patience — and not only that, it teaches you how to have fun without playing on a device.

Coach Harold Stenzel is our instructor. The strategy we’ve learned from him is that chess is a waiting game. Chess is a great game for being quiet and taking turns. He also taught us new moves we can use when we have our next game. He taught us that chess is not just a game to win; it’s a game to have fun.

The tips I can give to a beginner are to be brave when you play and don’t pout when you lose, because it’s just a game. When you lose, it does not mean you’re bad at chess. It just means you’re learning.

If you don’t have a chess club in your school, you should see if you can get one started in the fall. It is the best.

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