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Chinchillas make fluffy, curious pets

Kidsday reporter Mattea Rajah-Mandery's pet chinchilla, Bones.

Kidsday reporter Mattea Rajah-Mandery's pet chinchilla, Bones. Credit: Evan Mandery

Chinchillas are a great option when looking for a pet.

They are small animals that look like a cross between a mouse and a rabbit. They are known for their large ears and fluffy fur. I have a chinchilla named Bones. Whenever people touch Bones they say things like, “It’s so fluffy!” Chinchillas love to eat nuts, fruits and berries.

Chinchillas are very curious animals. They like small spaces and burrows. One special talent a chinchilla has is that it can jump up to six feet. One of the most famous chinchillas in the world right now is BuBu the chinchilla because it is a star on Instagram and Facebook. They are so cute, they're easy to fall in love with.

Chinchillas need to be taken care of, but it’s not too hard. They need to be given chinchilla food and water. They need to be bathed in dust weekly, and you need to change their gravel weekly or monthly.

If your chinchilla nips you, it just means they’re scared or think you're trying to hurt them. If they do, give them some space and be more gentle. 

Tom Hughes Rising Stars, Garden City

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