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Good Afternoon

LI kids love their chocolate

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Micaela Cuccia, Garden City

Chocolate Works in Manhasset is a fun place to go to for birthday parties, or anytime you want to have something sweet to eat. They have a gigantic selection of candy, and other delicious things.

If you go there for a birthday party, you can have all sorts of fun. You can decorate and design chocolate with melted chocolate. You can mold your own chocolate. You can also dip Oreos, graham crackers or pretzels in chocolate. One of our favorite things to do there is getting ice cream, and putting on all sorts of toppings like whipped cream, and sprinkles of all kinds.

In Chocolate Works, there also is a humongous selection of cotton candy. They have flavors like bacon, PBJ, cinnamon bun, root beer, sugar cookie, strawberry cheesecake, cherry berry, hot chocolate and strawberry smoothie.

They also have tons and tons of candy. They have M&M’s and jelly bean machines. In Chocolate Works, there is an entire row of candy of all kinds. It’s really fun to build with the candies, and then eat it all. Chocolate Works is truly a heaven for candy (and chocolate) lovers.

There are seven locations on Long Island — find out more by visiting them online:

Jennifer Green and Renee Remi’s fourth-grade class, Saddle Rock Elementary School, Great Neck

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