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Choosing our senior class trips

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kyla Anderson, Stony Brook

The majority of students like to choose their own things do, and one thing they wish they could choose was where to go on our senior class trip. Last year teachers decided to have kids go to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. Most kids enjoyed it, others wanted to just get out of school and some kids went for the ride in a coach bus. We could have boat trips, trips to the zoos, water parks, and more.

Most kids who enjoyed the trip referred to it as “fun.” Kids who went for the coach bus were saying everything that happened on the bus. Kids that went just to get out of school explained it like it was boring because they went to Dorney Park before. I think kids should choose their own trips, especially senior trips. I say this because it’s kids’ last year in the school and the school should make sure kids enjoy it and have one last fun memory of their time together. In teachers’ opinion, they may say no because kids’ trips are expensive.

I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but I would like to choose my last trip. In my school this year, 75 percent of the kids in eighth grade want to choose their own senior trips. The whole seventh grade would like to choose their last trip in Goldie Maple. I mean, who wouldn’t? We deserve a voice, but all in all, we are glad we are able to have a trip.

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