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Choosing travel team or school sports

Do you play sports on a travel team or do you represent your school? Or do you play for both? Whatever you do, there must have been some contemplating. For those of you who are in the process of a selection, this article is here to help you out.

Starting with similarities, the rules will be relatively the same fr whatever sport you play. In both organizations, you will build teamwork skills through cooperation and trust. You will build strong friendships with your teammates that could last a long time. Both organizations require dedication, commitment, hard work and discipline to succeed. Despite their similarities, there are differences too.

School sports tend to last just one season. With travel sports, once you make a team, you stay with them and that sport can last all year. If you like a sport, you might want to consider a travel team so that you can play your favorite game all year. In school sports, transportation is provided by the school to away games. In travel sports, your games will spread out and your parent/guardian will have to provide transportation. You might also want to put into consideration that there are many travel teams across Long Island and there is only one team for each sport at school. The odds of making a school team are lower than making a travel team.

The most important factor is cost. School sports could cost a bit for equipment, but other than that, they usually cost very little. Travel sports usually aren't free and their price tag could enter into the thousands. When it comes down to finances, school sports usually are more affordable. The choice of travel sports or school sports comes down to how much your family can afford and your personal preference. However, if you can't make a decision, you could always do both if there's a fit in your life.

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