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‘Lemoncello’ author Chris Grabenstein meets LI kids

Chris Grabenstein's many books include "Escape From Mr.

Chris Grabenstein's many books include "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library." Credit:

Last summer all the fourth-graders in the Levittown School District read “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.” When we returned to school we did some fun activities with the book.

A few months ago we even got to meet the author, Chris Grabenstein. All the fifth-grade classes went to Levittown Memorial Education Center to meet Chris. He was really funny, but he was also a really smart guy.

While we were there he told us about all his books. He has written around 30 books with the famous author James Patterson, and he has written about 15 books himself. Chris Grabenstein’s best-selling books were the Lemoncello books.

He told us he had just finished writing the fourth Lemoncello book. While we were there, Chris created a story using only wacky sentences children gave him. I thought it was funny, but I also thought it was truly brilliant. I am very excited to see what amazing book Chris Grabenstein brings us next.

Dyanne Case, Melissa Dinkelacker and Janet Nizinski’s fifth-grade class, Northside School, Levittown

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