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My favorite Christmas memory: The too-big tree comes home

Kidsday reporter Lourdes Baker is hoping for another

Kidsday reporter Lourdes Baker is hoping for another crazy Christmas. Credit: Al Baker

I will never forget the time the Christmas tree was too big for my house.

We have a family tradition that my dad and brother go get our Christmas tree just before Thanksgiving. My brother gets to pick the tree, and he always picks the biggest one. When they pulled up in the driveway, there was a humongous tree tied to the top of the car. The next step was for my dad to bring it into the house. The branches were tied together, so getting it through the door horizontally was not the problem.

Our original plan was to have it in the foyer so when you walked through the door you would see a beautiful Christmas tree. When we untied the branches and tried to stand it upright, the ceiling was too low and the branches were too wide, and we would not even be able to walk into the house.

We decided to move the tree to the living room where there was more space. Next thing you know, the top of the tree was scratching the freshly painted ceiling. My dad was trying to move the tree and he fell down with the Christmas tree. Lorenzo, my brother, was in the way of the falling tree, so my mom quickly picked him up and threw him across the room onto the couch. Then my dog, Lucy, thought my dad was playing on the floor and decided to help out by sticking her tongue down his throat as he was struggling for dear life, holding on to the tree. 

The tree was now upright, but the top was bent and folded on the ceiling with yet another scratch. After another family meeting, we decided to trim the tree to fit our home. We went on to continue our family tradition to decorate and light the tree. This is one of my favorite family memories. With family teamwork, you can accomplish anything. And the tree lived happily through the Christmas season. I can’t wait to see what tree my brother brings home this year. 

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