Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Cirque du Soleil's 'Luzia'

Running Woman in the Cirque du Soleil "Luzia"

Running Woman in the Cirque du Soleil "Luzia" show at Citi Field Credit: Matt Beard

Wow! We went to see the “Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia” show at Citi Field in Flushing on Saturday.   Cirque du Soleil is a show that includes acrobatics, circus acts, singing, and so much more. Many of the performers use harnesses to do flips and other tricks in the air. The theme for this show, Luzia, h means it was about Mexico. During the show, they spoke and sang in Spanish. Since Aileen and David speak Spanish, they were able to understand what some of what the performers were saying. The stage was filled with flowers and many beautiful, bright colors. Throughout the show, water fell from the sky to make it look like it was raining.

The show’s story was about a man who fell from an airplane and was dropped into Mexico. Each act took the audience through the man’s experience in Mexico. The whole time, he was looking for water and he couldn’t get it. The man was really funny and he added comedy to the show.

Each of us had different favorite parts of the show. Here is what we thought:

Caden liked when the waterfall made designs in the water. He wrote: My mouth fell open when I saw it. Another thing that I loved was when the people were flying off the swinging platforms and flipping and flopping. My mouth dropped to the ground when I watched. The scariest part was when the contortionist was bending his body. It looked like he was going to split in half. I almost fell out of my seat. There was also a man who had a harness on and was dipping into a pool of water. One time, he dipped his head in the water and shook the water everywhere!

Aileen said her favorite part was when there were designs in the waterfall, too. She wrote: Some of the designs were plants, birds and cactus. It was beautiful. Something that reminded me of Mexico was when they were speaking in Spanish. Another thing is when they were playing soccer. They were doing really cool tricks with the soccer ball like backflips, spinning the ball on their fingers, and juggling it. One thing that made me say, “Oh no!” and made my mouth open was when they were swinging on the platforms and jumping while flipping onto another platform. It was making my heart stop beating.

Jarell liked a performer dressed in a butterfly costume. He wrote: She was amazing because she had a lot of talent. The woman had a harness that made it look like she was flying. While she was attached to the harness, she did flips and really cool tricks. When water started falling from the sky, she walked through it. Like Caden, I also liked the performer with the long curly hair. He was funny because he twirled fast and put his hair into the water and when he shook it, he reminded me of a rock star.

Finally, David thought the contortionist was incredible. David wrote: He literally bent his whole body up, down, left, right, up and down. He looked like he had been smushed very tight and the bottom of his torso was about as wide as my open hand. Another amazing act was the birds. They were very interesting. Men and women dressed up as birds and they jumped through hoops. They also added more hoops to make the jumps higher. They did back flips, front flips, and all kinds of jumps. The butterfly girl was a very interesting performer. She reminded me of my music teacher because she looked like her.

Overall, the show was beautiful, funny, energetic and it made us speechless. A few times, the performers made small mistakes. We thought it was so cool that if they made a mistake, they always tried again and did the trick perfectly. This showed us how we should never give up, and always keep trying, even if we fail the first time.

We recommend this show to people who like dancing, entertainment and comedy. We think ages 7 and up would enjoy this show. During the show, the performers did not speak very much. We think that since the performers weren’t talking, we  were able to focus more on the entertainment and talent part of the show.

We all give the show five smiles out of five, and we think it should win awards for being the best show. We recommend that you go see it, too! The show is here through June 9. For tickets and additional information:

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