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'Going Wild' book No. 3, 'Clash of Beasts,' reviewed by an LI kid

"Clash of Beasts" is No. 3 in the

"Clash of Beasts" is No. 3 in the "Going Wild" series by Lisa McMann. Credit: HarperCollins

I read, “Clash of Beasts: A Going Wild Novel” by Lisa McMann (Harper).

Charlie and her friends, Maria and Mac, have encountered the evil Professor Gray, but now he is about to complete his goal to conquer the world. Using their animal abilities given to them by the bracelets they wear, they must battle the villainous doctor and stop him and his followers in time.

This is a thrilling adventure that takes its readers on a journey filled with courage, perseverance and friendship. Along with Lisa McMann’s use of relatable, caring, characters with remarkable abilities, she was able to create an atmosphere of drama and shock that is sure to enthrall audiences.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Rosemary Meehan's eighth-grade class, Maria Regina School, Seaford

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