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Class experiment shows which odors attract mealworms

Kidsday reporter Mia McGorty observes a mealworm during

Kidsday reporter Mia McGorty observes a mealworm during the experiment. Credit: Diana Talamo

Do you like mealworms? If you don’t know what a mealworm is, it looks like a worm with legs, kind of like a centipede. Our fourth- and fifth-grade classmates did an experiment on them. We experimented to see which flavors the mealworms liked best. There were five flavors: lemon, mint, almond, coffee and coconut.

They all smelled so good. My favorite was lemon. But the mealworm had another opinion. This is how we figured it out.

1. We got a paper plate and put an X in the middle.

2. We put the names of each flavor in a section of its own.

3. We put the flavors on the name of each section.

4. We put the mealworm on the X.

5. We saw which flavor it liked best. We found out that most mealworms were more attracted to the almond scent.

This was a fun experiment.

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