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Flexible seating in our classroom sparks creative thinking

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Alana Hernandez, Port Jefferson Station

In our classroom we have very flexible seating. We all have our own desks, but on certain days we are permitted to sit anywhere we want in the room. There are little work areas and special seats all around our classroom.

The best part about having flexible seating is there is no conflict. The reason we have no conflict is because we have a flexible seating chart. This way everybody gets at least one chance to sit in a flexible seating area each cycle. On the carpets you are only allowed to be next to someone who will not distract you from work.

We think flexible seating is an amazing idea because you can work while you are sitting in a comfy spot. Our classmates Chloe Roemig and Rebecca Murphy think of the flexible seating as a great idea. Chloe said it’s nice to get out of your boring seat and sit in something you can get new ideas from. Rebecca said that the seating helps us think and get some interesting ideas.

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