Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Flexible seating in our class helps us work and make friends

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ava Koszalka

Flexible seating is awesome. We love how every day we get to sit next to different kids, and sometimes even make new friends. There is the right chair for everyone. There are regular chairs, ball chairs, rocking chairs, stools and a bench that folds into a table.

The reason we like different chairs is that if we can’t concentrate in one, we know never to sit in that chair again. Another reason is that the rules of flexible seating teach us to be responsible about who we sit next to. Say we really want to sit next to our friends, but we know we will talk all day. What do we do? Follow the “smart spot” rule of our teacher, Mrs. Tia Albig. It means to pick a spot where we can concentrate. We love flexible seating.

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