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Climbing the Fire Island Lighthouse worth the wait

I'd always wanted to climb the Fire Island Lighthouse. So I asked my uncle to take me. We walked all the way there on the beach; it was a half-hour walk. When we got there, we started toward the winding stairs, but the lady at the counter said we needed shoes and money. We had neither. Two days later, we returned with shoes and money. But the lady at the counter told us, to our dismay, that it was under construction!

A month later, we tried again. We went back with shoes, money and hope. When we got there, I pointed to the counter, which I had started calling the counter of dread. We crossed our fingers as the lady looked at us. I closed my eyes and held my breath as she said the following: "$30 for all of you, total." We paid and started the ascent.

At first, it wasn't that interesting. We just kept going in circles on the metal stairway. But then, we started to pass windows. We stopped to look out every window until we finally reached the top, where we got a peek of the lighthouse lens. Then we went outside on the platform, where we could see everything. After trekking up those seemingly endless stairs, then climbing up to the hot, stuffy lens room, finally coming out into the fresh air was glorious.

I pointed out our house, or what I thought was our house. The bay looked like there were no waves at all and the biggest ocean wave looked like a mere bay wave. Since it wasn't foggy that day, we could see for miles. As I walked home, I realized it was worth the wait. Visit it online:

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